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Miksa - Magnetic Card Display Prop

Miksa - Magnetic Card Display Prop



Miksa is a smart magnetic display stand that utilizes magnets, wood and card paper to prop up small signages, photographs and postcards for raising attention and professionalism. Magnetic adjustments offer multiple display angles for optimal visibility and outreach and is detachable and attachable for easy stowing. 

More importantly, this innovative design opens up new opportunity for wedding planners to create beautiful wedding invitations and named signages of friends and family so they can take them home for personal decorative use. Inspired by art of conservation and sharing, Miksa encourages people to consume less waste and re-use found and renewable materials like wood and thick paper for display purposes. Miksa display stands are handmade to order, designed to last and showcase as effective and portable gift items.

Genuine and original design by Jeremy Lee of Konisa Studio

Design Features:
Small, light and portable for convenient stowing
Perfect for displaying small signages, business cards and photography
Embedded magnets for intuitive & multiple display angles
Made of solid wood to establish natural beauty and professionalism

Material Properties:
solid wood, neodymium magnet

Wood Selections:
Maple, Walnut, Oak, Bamboo

This item is available for pick-up in store at 780 East Cordova, Vancouver, B.C. Use the code: 780ECordova to order online and pick-up in store.

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