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Boulder Earrings

Boulder Earrings



Handcrafted by Jeweller AJGreen from the collection Primitive.

Bold minimal earrings made from sterling silver and Hardwood Wenga,

Material: Sterling Silver and Wenga wood pendant.


Size: 3 cm long sterling silver with a wooden pendant that measures 3cm wide. 5.3cm long.


The wooden pendant is interchangeable it can be removed for another, so you get two pairs of earrings for one. thier is extra charge $10.00 for each set of pendants. Please email me the shape and wood you would like. In the product image's you will find an image with alphabetical identification.


A: Style Boulder, Material: Wood Wenge.


B: Style Piller, Material: Rosa Wood.


C: Style Pebble, Material: White Oak.


D:Style Small Boulder, Material: Walnut


A: Shape is Boulder, the wood is wenge wood.


B: Shape is Piller, The wood is rosa wood.


C: Shape is the pebble, the wood is White Oak.


D: Shape small boulder, the wood walnut.


Please note that all dimensions may have a slight difference as to what is stated above as each piece is handcrafted so they are not an exact replica.


Would you like this to be made in gold or would you like it to be gold plated? Please email me to inquire.

The inspiration for this collection is my love of modernist art. Artists like Isamu Noguchi and Barbara Hepworth are two of my favourites. They were both amazing sculptures that played with merging geometric and organic forms into abstract sculptures. Their refined craftsmanship and use of material greatly had an impact on my designs.  I have tried to show the truth of the material by not over embellishing or ornamenting the designs creating jewellery that is bold and simple in design.

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