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How to Ship Your Products

Thanks for selling with Kyubu Market! You are awesome. Or if you're thinking about selling with Kyubu Market and want to learn more about how to ship with us, that's awesome too. The great news for you is that we've made shipping as seamless as possible.

If you've already set-up your account, uploaded your products and have received your first order (wahoo!) follow the steps below to fill your order. If you haven't, apply to join Kyubu Market here and submit your products to our team of curators.


How to Ship Your Products with Kyubu Market


Step One

Login to your Kyubu Market seller account to enable your online shipping.


Step Two

Kyubu Market Seller info


In order to ship using our Canada Post system you MUST input your postal code (yes, yes, it's labeled Zipcode) into your account - please don't use any spaces. 


Step Three

Kyubu Market Shipping step 2


Select Shipping Configuration on your Marketplace Dashboard. Select the Canada Post check box and click on Save.


Step Four

Kyubu Market shipping step 3

Once Canada Post is enabled, you can fill in your shipping packaging details as outlined below. You MUST fill out all of the detailed shipping information or your account will not be eligible for Canada Post shipping.


Dimensions of your shipping box:

Length: Longest side of your item
Width: Depth of your item
Height: Thickness of your item
Girth: The distance around the parcel: (width + height) x 2



Enter the weight of your shipping box in lbs. 

Note: If the size or weight of your package falls outside of standard Canada Post shipping practices, please contact Kyubu Market directly at info[at]


Step Four

When you receive an order, login to your Kyubu Market seller account and select Orders. 

Note: If an order is already marked as "fulfilled" that means this order was placed at the Kyubu Market retail kyub and no further action is required.


Kyubu Market view shipping orders


Select the order you wish to process by clicking on "View".

Click on Generate Shipping Label to create and print your shipping label.

[insert final screenshot - this is currently not working]


Step Five

Package your order, attach a Kyubu Market sticker and affix your shipping label to the outside of the package. Drop off at your nearest Canada Post Office

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