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Whisper Pendulum Earrings

Whisper Pendulum Earrings



Handcrafted by Jeweller AJGreen Collection Enchanted.

The collection Enchanted is inspired by the many hours I find my self-wandering around the forest of Squamish with my goofball of a fur child called Rucca. The forest is so mystical and magical place's where you can feel the energy of life. While walking around these majestic places I feel like I can sense mystical being of my childhood living within these forests. The jewellery I have created are abstract shapes that represent these energies. I have created these designs so that they have kinetic movement so they move as you move, just like the energies I envision roaming within the forest.

Handcrafted and made to order 2 to 4 weeks delivery depending on current workload.

Material: Sterling silver.

Size:6.8cm long 

Thier is 2 finish to this style please state what finish you would like to have. 

A: High shine.

B: Frosted.

Please note that all dimensions may have a slight difference as to what is stated above as each piece is handcrafted, so they are not an exact replica.

If you would like this to be made into gold or gold plated please email to inquire.


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