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Aura Pendant

Aura Pendant



Handcrafted by Jeweller AJGreen Collection Enchanted.

The collection Enchanted is inspired by the many hours I find my self-wandering around the forest of Squamish with my goofball of a fur child called Rucca. The forest is so mystical and magical place's where you can feel the energy of life. While walking around these majestic places I feel like I can sense mystical being of my childhood living within these forests. The jewellery I have created are abstract shapes that represent these energies. I have created these designs so that they have kinetic movement so they move as you move, just like the energies I envision roaming within the forest.

Style: Aura Pendant

Material: Sterling silver, Obsidian bead and 100%, 1.2mm silk cord.

Size: 7cm long silver Pendant with a 1.5cm Obsidian bead. Silk cord is 24" long. 

Options: The silk can be changed to a sterling silver chain please email to inquire about options and pricing as this will price change. If you would like this on a sterling silver chain or alternative length of silk or chain please email to inquire.

Please note that all dimensions may have a slight difference as to what is stated above as each piece is handcrafted, so they are not an exact replica.

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