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Kyubu Community: Konisa Studio

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Posted on August 29 2017


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Brand: Konisa Studio
Behind the Brand: Jeremy T Lee

Konisa Studio aims to make your life easier with good design.  That it is doing so by transforming repurposed and renewable materials into innovative goods can make you feel comforted that solving your problems does not create any for the environment.  

Vancouver-based designer Jeremy T Lee is the brain and brawn behind Konisa Studio, researching designing, developing, sourcing, innovating and handcrafting the wood products that will simplify your day.   

KM sits down with Jeremy to discuss his obsession with wood, design and problem-solving.          



KM:  Tell us about your path to Konisa Studio.

JL:  I’m originally from Hong Kong and was lucky to grow up with artist parents who appreciated non-traditional paths that bring joy.  I never thought about design school but when my path led me to Emily Carr sitting in a design foundations course that really went into what design was all about, I never looked back.  It got me into thinking that there is a way to solve problems in the way the world works and that I could be the one to solve those problems.

I made the leap after graduation moving forward with a design project creating a modular construction unit aiming to solve work space and personal space problems.  During that time, I became aware of so many smaller-scale day-to-day problems that also needed solving.  I found that there are ways that you can tweak designs that aren’t working and appeal to people not just through the functional usefulness of good design but visually as well, and Konisa Studio was born.



KM: Describe Konisa Studio products.
JL: In five words: sustainable, smart, innovative, unique and functional.   

Many people don’t consider how things are made or ask why and how it is done and often, it could be that products may be wasteful and harmful to the environment.  The products are created from wood, a renewable resource, so sustainability is built right in.



KM: What are you passionate about?

JL: Wood and smart design.  And hockey.  When I’m not designing, I’m playing ball hockey.

KM: What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?

JL: I don’t consider myself an artist, I don’t think I’m there yet.  I prefer calling myself an inventor and hopefully I can build a business out of ideas.  If I weren’t an inventor, I would definitely be a hockey player.  



KM: What is your favourite artist or brand? Why?

JL: I relate to the philosophy of Muji from a functional design perspective.  I’m also inspired by Buckminster Fuller and local artists around Vancouver.     

Custom orders and customization are possible for Konisa Studio products – contact Kyubu Market to inquire.



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