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Kyubu Community: Domestic Intervention Co

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Posted on October 18 2017

Local vancouver rug hand made

Textile brand Domestic Intervention Co. weaves each fabric with the simple premise that if you make beautiful, high-quality items that will last, people will invest in these items and consume less.  Add a layer of a commitment to minimizing waste in its own designs and the fact that the hand-woven products are so cozy you want to wrap yourselves in them [we did!], Domestic Intervention Co. is certainly realizing its own intention one thread at a time.        

A rare local Vancouverite, Corrina Hammond reminisces about the literal winding road of a touring musician and the path back home and to fine art again […all while KM co-founder Gloria wraps herself in a Domestic Intervention Co. blanket and settles in for a good story…].


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Brand: Domestic Intervention Co.
Behind the Brand: Corrina Hammond


local vancouver handmade scarves Shop Domestic Intervention Co's handwoven scarves here.


KM:  Tell us about your path to Domestic Intervention Co.

CH:  Like so many artists, I pursued a fine arts degree and immersed myself in all things fine arts until one day I found I had fine arts fatigue from having to explain everything I was doing.  I found that I was having a lot more fun and getting a lot more leeway as a musician and turned my focus to music as a bassist in the punk bank, Maow. We were a loud three-piece – guitar, bass and drums – band and spent the 90s touring through Canada all the way to Lunenburg and back throughout the United States.  (KM: Cool!!) 

Towards the end of my fine arts schooling, I had realized that I wanted to work with textiles but it was put on the backburner.  Now, twenty year later, I’m rediscovering an old love and it’s wonderful.


local handwoven vancouver scarves blue

 Shop Domestic Intervention Co's handwoven scarves here.


KM:  Describe Domestic Intervention Co. products.

CH:  Domestic Intervention Co. products are made so you can feel good about what you’re wearing.  Each item is high-quality, made from natural fibres and designed so they can be four-season, durable, and lasting.  Everything is made locally using fibres sourced from people I know and I aim to minimize waste by integrating left-over weaves into new items.


warm handwoven grey blanket vancouver

Shop Domestic Intervention Co's handwoven blankets here.


KM:  What are you passionate about?

CH:  I love beautiful spaces and beautiful things.  And order.  There is beauty in order, in righting a ship.  Making things run smoothly really applies to weaving!


local vancouver handwoven rug

Shop Domestic Intervention Co's handwoven rugs here.


KM:  Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

CH:  I can clean and organize anyone’s drawers, closets, storage, and anything else that is overwhelming and messy and needs to be purged, I’m good at it!  [KM: Umm, yes please.]


local vancouver textile artists


KM:  What is your favourite artist or Brand? Why? 

CH:  Erin Templeton, a local artist who repurposes leather and creates fun and practical designs that last.

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