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Criminologist turned advertising guru turned spa connoisseur

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Posted on August 16 2017

Bare Skin Bare - Cynthia Cyr
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Brand: Bare Skin Bar
Behind the Brand: Cynthia Cyr
Bare Skin Bar delights in making your everyday a spa day by striking the perfect balance of natural ingredients and spa essentials. The brand’s inaugural offering of effervescing bath bars made from thoughtful ingredients blended together to soothe both body and soul will leave you pampered and prepared to face each and every day of the week.          
Criminologist turned advertising guru turned spa connoisseur, founder Cynthia Cyr tackles life at the helm of the burgeoning brand with an air of roses and a ready smile.  Perhaps there is something to this daily bath thing, after all…
KM and Cynthia talk finding your path, the value of advertising and spa-entrepreneurism.  
KM:  Tell us about your path to Bare Skin Bar.
CC:  Growing up, I loved spy movies and wanted to be James Bond.  Fresh out of my criminology degree, I started working in that field and it just wasn’t the right fit.  That led to a related volunteer position in Honduras, which was a great opportunity but still did not feel like it was my path.  Some travels, teaching and temporary roles later, I found a landing spot at an advertising agency in Toronto.  Working from the ground up, the next eight years were filled learning the ins and outs of the advertising industry, working my ass off and loving it.  
A move to Vancouver came next, and with it a new role where I was surrounded by creative people doing creative things; where creativity starts spilling out into everyday life and everybody is doing something on top of their daily jobs.  I really admired local makers and entered the soap making realm, first as gifts for friends and family, then by teaching my team how to make bath bombs which eventually led to the creation Bare Skin Bar.  I wasn’t completely ready, but I dove in wholeheartedly and keep learning as I go.  Now, I’m 100% in.   
KM:  Describe Bare Skin Bars.
CC:  Bath bars for the natural yet enhanced version of all of us.  The product resulting from rigorous market testing, Bare Skin Bars are the balanced blend of natural ingredients you want to use every day and safe beauty essentials intended to elevate your daily routine to a spa experience.  [KM: Also on the brand’s mind?  The environment can breathe in a scented sigh of relief as the brand’s 100% recyclable packaging is designed to minimize waste.]  
KM:  What are you passionate about?
CC:  Creativity and entrepreneurism and the combination of the two.  There are so many amazing products out there that we never learn about because someone may not have the business know-how or tools to successfully market it.  When the whole package of good product, good marketing and effective project management come together? Magic.   


KM:  What would you be doing if you weren’t a maker? 
CC:  I’d be in advertising.  Love it.
KM:  Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
CC:  I have about five half-written novels and short stories which span from mystery to dystopia. [KM: Hmm…could be great bath-time reads!]
KM:  What is your favourite artist or brand? Why?
CC:  The brand Frank Body is so cool.  I love how they took a simple product and made it look so good with clever marketing and good branding.
 Cynthia Cyr - Artist and Entrepreneur

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