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Kyūbu Defined

Kyubu Market

Posted on July 16 2017

kyu-bu [kyo͞o bo͞o]

Origin: Japanese



  1. a cube.

Kyū-bu Mar-ket [kyo͞o bo͞o märkət]

Origin: Vancouver (by us!)



      1. our boutique cube (kyūb!) located in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada (and pop-ups elsewhere!), where one can find a mix of ever-changing curated finds set amidst a vibrant maker community.
      2. an online marketplace filled with unique, very cool lifestyle goods created for you by independent artists and makers.


    1. to describe a kick-ass community of artists, makers, supporters and entrepreneurs who share a love of cool stuff, making things happen and are just plain awesome people. 

Use: Kyūbu Market is the go-to destination for thoughtful people who seek out thoughtful things and appreciate that all the best stuff comes with a great backstory. 

Kyūbu Market is now open at 780 East Cordova St. in Vancouver, B.C. - check our contact page for store hours and enjoy shopping the kyūb!

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